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Bobby Seale

co-host and cooking assistant to Mr. Seale
Leslie M. Johnson-Seale

executive producer/director
Kevin Diehl

a Kevin Diehl and Bobby Seale production
a soapy film/ production
In Association with Reach Cinema Productions, Inc.
and, LLC

announcer and interviewer
Gilbert Hines

technical director, director of photography
Michael Dennis

Michael Dennis, Syncopation Studios

coordinating producer
Rob Kates

camera operators
Lee Keller
Darryl DeBrest
Ray Morgan
Damon Williams

Brendan "Bear" Krivda

lighting director
John Draus

set design
Mickey Kostow
Kevin Diehl

food wrangler, stylist,
and cooking assistant to Mr. and Mrs. Seale
Susie Fischer

assistant director
Erica Praedin

musical director
Tyrone Hill

Tyrone Hill and the Deep Space Posse:
Tyrone Hill - trombone
Dave Gordon- trumpet
Eddie Green - piano
Ed Crockett - bass
Eddie Jones - drums

second unit Camera
Rob Kates
Mike D.

Matt Naughton

production assistants
Leslie M. Johnson-Seale
Jim Hartman
Alison Diehl
Greg Diehl

archival photographs
Bobby Seale, Chairman and Co-founder of the Black Panther Party, Free Hue Rally, Bobby Hutton Memorial Park, Oakland California, August 25th, 1968: ©1968 Ruth-Marion Baruch
Bobby Seale speaking at Free Huey Rally, De Fremery Park, Oakland California, August 25th, 1968: ©1968 Pirkle Jones
Stokley Carmichael, Prime Minister of the Black Panther Party and Bobby Seale at Free Huey Rally, Bobby Hutton Memorial Park, Oakland California, August 25th, 1968: ©1968 Pirkle Jones
Peace and Freedom Party state Convention, Eldridge Cleaver was nominated for President of the United States, August 3, 1968: ©1968 Pirkle Jones
Black Panther National Chairman Bobby Seale and Black Panther Minister of Defense Huey Newton: AP/Wide World Photos
"The Balck Panther" archive newspaper covers courtesy of Bobby Seale

production photographers
Rob Kates
John Hubbard

DJ Dan Buskirk
Jack Golden

impromptu cooking assistant
Jim Tarantino

"Barbeque with Bobby Seale Theme Song" music by Tyrone Hill

very special thanks for their generous support
Kathleen Dunn
Sheldon "Gris Gris" Kivel
KD Graphics, Philadelphia

extra very special thanks to;
Sherri Hope-Culver, Executive Producer of Philadelphia Stories Series
and extra, extra very special thanks to
Hébert Peck Jr., Philadelphia Stories Series producer and beacon to Philadelphia's independent community

This program was funded in part by a grant from Philadelphia Stories, a project of WYBE-TV35, Philadelphia.

©2003 Kevin Diehl and Bobby Seale